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Anniversary Music Box

In honor of our 100th anniversary, we’ve commissioned a limited run of commemorative miniature candy shop music boxes.

Each music box has been handcrafted by the folks at TRC Designs – a family business located in central Virginia famous for their “Ginger Cottages.�

When we here at Anderson’s found TRC Designs and learned of their commitment to deliver high-quality pieces centered around precious memories, we knew that we had found the perfect way to commemorate our anniversary.

Each music box features a battery operated tea light inside so the shop glows with the loving warmth of our real life candy shop. A peak inside the music box windows and the holder can also view a tiny candy counter and gingerbread man waiting inside.

Each box gently plays “Clair De Lune� - a favorite song of our second-generation owner, Raynold Anderson. And the winding key itself is decorated with little wooden candy cutouts.

Sure to delight those who have been visiting the shop for generations and new friends and fans alike!
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