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Our Chocolates

Best Sellers

Best SellersNot sure what to get? These are best of the best. All handmade, hand dipped and made with the highest quality ingredients available. Sure to please any chocolate lover.

Boxed Chocolates

Boxed ChocolatesIndividual pieces hand-dipped and boxed. Chocolate covered creams, nuts, fudges and more offered in half-pound, one-pound or two-pound boxes.

Chocolate Bars

Chocolate BarsThirty-eight distinct chocolate candy bars from crunchy Molasses Chip to sinfully sweet chocolate Pudding Cream. Each individually hand-dipped in chocolate. These make GREAT stocking stuffers!

Pretzels, Popcorn & Clusters

Pretzels, Popcorn & ClustersLooking for something salty and sweet? Here you'll find our dipped Chocolate Pretzels, Chocolate Drizzled Caramel Corn and our Peanut Clusters.

Toffee, Sponge Candy, Brittle...

Toffee, Sponge Candy, Brittle...Here you'll find Peanut, Pecan and Cashew brittles, and fritters, our rich and golden brown English Toffee and a unique treat - Molasses Sponge Candy.


CaramelsUndipped and wrapped in paper the old-fashioned way or covered in chocolate, we make a variety of caramel treats including a new gourmet salted-caramel chocolate piece.


FudgesSmooth and creamy Meltaway Fudge, traditional Mackinac Island style Old Tyme Fudge, even Frosted Mint Meltaways - we've got them all here.


TrufflesWhite peach, Royal Rum, Intense Chocolate and Creme de Menthe are just a few of Anderson's signature gourmet truffles. Remarkably smooth and delicious.

Sugar & Gluten Free

Sugar & Gluten FreeMany of our customers are gluten intolerant or, for one reason or another, can't have traditional sugary sweets. We accommodate them here.

Can't find it? Try this!

Can't find it?  Try this!Some orders just don't fit our predetermined categories. Need a one pound box of dark chocolate Buttercreams? Instructions for special orders are here.

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