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2016 Corporate Gift Starter

2016 Corporate Gift Starter

Thank you for your interest in chocolate filled Towers as a gift for your clients and friends.

Pictured are a few of our most popular choices. You can shop straight from this guide or, use it as a jumping-off point to explore other options. Take a look at the sizes, prices and candy included in each tower and let us know what you think!

1. Chocolate Mint Tower ($25.95): Each tower includes a ½# of our famous Frosted Mint Meltaways, a ¼# of Peppermint Bark and two foil wrapped Creme De Menthe truffles. This can be wrapped in either Brown Satin or a holiday gift wrap. (Pictured on page 1 with brown wrap.)

2. Caramel Delight ($29.95): This tower includes a ½# of our Salted Caramels, a ¼# of Snappers (our version of a turtle), and is topped with two Coffee Caramel Truffles. This can be wrapped in either Brown Satin or a holiday themed gift wrap. (Pictured on page one with brown wrap, same size as Chocolate Mint Tower.)

3. Holiday Delights ($39.95) This tower includes our a ¼# of our chocolate drizzled caramel corn, a ¼# of our English Toffee, and wrapped chewy caramels. Plus you’ll find a ½# of our handmade chocolate covered creams, caramels, turtles and more. (Pictured on page 1 at bottom - two wrap styles.)

*** These towers can be easily personalized for your business! Your business logo can be printed where you see the Anderson’s Candy Shop logo in these pictures. Your logo can also be printed on the ribbon that ties any of these towers.***

4. Holiday Hits Tower ($38.95): One of our most popular options this tower includes a ½# of our Snappers (like a turtle), a ¼# of our Salted Caramels and a ¼# of our Frosted Meltaway Fudge. It is topped with four gourmet truffles. Any of the towers in this style ship very well. (Pictured top of page 2 with Peppermint Swirl gift wrap.)

5. Christmas Greetings Tower ($49.95): Our most popular tower last season! Inside you’ll find English toffee, holiday chocolate sprinkle pretzels, chocolate drizzled caramel corn, wrapped cream caramels, Snappers (like turtles), Frosted Mint Meltaway Fudge, and Salted Caramels. (Pictured on page 2 on far right with red gift wrap.)

6. Grand Holiday Tower ($99.95): This tower makes a statement. It is filled with LOTS of great chocolate – topped with truffles, the next layers include Salted Caramels, Snappers (like turtles), and Frosted Mint Meltaway Fudge. Then comes a box of our Deluxe Assortment, chocolate drizzled caramel corn, almond bark, peppermint bark, holiday pretzel knots, English Toffee and our amazing Caramel Pecan Pretzels rods – all wrapped in our deluxe paper. (Pictured on page 2 on bottom left with green and gold gift wrap.)

Towers can be picked up in either of Anderson's Candy Shop's locations or shipped throughout the United States. We use the United States Postal Service and charge by weight. Many levels of customization are available on our towers – from the color of the wrapping paper, to the type of bow or special printing, to the ingredients that make them up. Discounts may be available for orders depending on lead time of order, quantity and customization.

Speak with a manager for further details or contact us at: 815-678-6000, 847-304-7985 or email:
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