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Miniature Anderson's Candy Shop

In honor of our 100th anniversary, we’ve commissioned a limited run of commemorative miniature candy shops.

Each has been handcrafted by the folks at TRC Designs – a family business located in central Virginia famous for their “Ginger Cottages.”

When we here at Anderson’s found TRC Designs and learned of their commitment to deliver high-quality pieces centered around precious memories, we knew that we had found the perfect way to commemorate our anniversary.

Each mini candy shop features a battery operated tea light inside so the shop glows with the loving warmth of our real life candy shop.

A peak inside the windows and you can also see a tiny candy counter and gingerbread man waiting inside.

Sure to delight those who have been visiting the shop for generations and new friends and fans alike!

NOTE: THE MINI CANDY SHOP DOES NOT COME WITH A TEA LIGHT. There is a small hole in the bottom where the house could be lit from the inside, but it only fits a very small size light.